Your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Consultation

If you’re having trouble making ends meet and have looked into every available option, it just may be time to consider filing for bankruptcy. If you are filing for Chapter 7, you will need to find a quality chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers.

The filing process can easily relieve the financial burdens of a family and help to ease the monthly debt. With the right lawyer on your side, you have the potential to start anew in as little as a few months. In this article, we will outline what you should expect during your consultation.

Step 1: You’ll want to use a legal representative who offers free consultations. Many will offer this service, but some do not. Always inquire whether the initial visit is free. This meeting is where you will be able to discuss your individual circumstances surrounding the bankruptcy along with filing costs and legal fees.

Step 2: Ask in regard to the cost of financial counseling. These sessions should not cost you more than $30 for the initial session and a cool $20 thereafter. Some practices offer online counseling services to their clients.

Step 3: Be sure to discuss the overall cost of filling fees. In many cases a chapter 7 is under $400, but these fees will vary. Know what you will be paying up front and schedule payments if needed.

Step 4: Understanding exactly how your lawyer gets paid is important in any case. The typically cost for a chapter 7 bankruptcy is around $3,000 depending on location and must be paid in full prior to having it discharged. This is in contrast to a chapter 13, where the cost is broken up into two separate payments.

Step 5: Prior to signing any contracts or agreements with the legal representative, be sure they will be able to actually help your situation. The time frame of the involved is rather important, and your lawyer will need to have the amount of time to devote to your case so that everything is finished as quickly as possible.

Step 6: Once you’ve finished your consultation, you should have a fairly good idea whether this lawyer is the one for you. Take the time to go home, and think on it, even for just a couple hours. Make your decision, based not only on the above suggestions, but on how you perceive the lawyer overall. By making an informed decision and trusting your gut, you can do no wrong.

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